Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PZ’s Belly-Bulge & Shraddha Kapoor’s Knicker-Flash

Latest Bollywood participant and protagonist-daughter, Shraddha Kapoor recently had a faux-pas time. In a function, Shraddha wearing a short sequined dress black and flesh-tone panties. You can not really understand the color choice of underwear. Would not darken the color was apt?? Taking anyway contrasting color panty was hidden fashion mistake by Shraddha Kapoor, but flashes while sitting definitely was a blatantly bad step. I do not understand why they can not sit 'propah' while wearing a short dress.

My dear Preity Zinta has been busy with IPL and is present in games judiciously All the King's XI Punjab. She puts relegiously as Kings XI logo caps and salwar-kameezs. But in one of the last games I discovered that PZ has grown his belly. You must be relieved after PVR agreed to distribute its Ishq In Paris, Preity should fall in Punjab butter chicken and dal-makhani. In the picture here PZ belly bulge is very prominent. Poor girl, I was not aware of the camera in her or what she had taken a break and absorbed in his belly.

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